Wednesday, 28 March 2007

About this blog...

It's obvious from my batiks that nature, the environment, and ecological and human relationships are important to me. Since first working in batik in the early 1990s I've attempted to consider my materials, tools, processes and their environmental and social implications. But my discoveries and actions have tended to be disjointed - picking snippets up here and there rather than researching the full picture. In recent years I've begun to feel hypocritical in that the subject matter of my work is not fully reflected in its production.

And so… I am attempting to look into all aspects of my practice, and structure my findings and progress here on this blog. After all, ecologic sustainability requires cooperation not competition as its foundation.Issues for investigation include:

  • water
  • carbon
  • energy
  • production/source (tools and materials)
  • waste/resource (tools and materials)
  • transportation
  • pollution
  • end product and purpose
  • consumerism, fair trade and social
Areas of practice for investigation include:
  • batik production
  • exhibiting
  • teaching, lecturing and talks
  • working premises
  • professional practice
  • work/home lifestyle
  • purpose of art

My journey, reporting and ramblings are unlikely to be logically organised; I will save that for my website where for instance can be found an article on cotton production published in the Batik Guild Magazine's March issue.