Tuesday, 1 May 2007

SOCIAL wasp's nest

Nic at ERCCIS (Cornwall's environmental record centre) suggested the wasp nest is probably a Vespidae queen, a social not solitary wasp, initiating her nest and could be one of the Vespula or Dolichovespula species, which in English is a common wasp or one of the others that look pretty similar to my untrained eye. Glad I found it when I did - in a few months time my garden/storage shed might have been swarming with a 20,000 strong colony! The last few summers there have been more wasps around the garden, so this one could be considered a local with an established right to carry on breeding. I'm more than happy for this, but not in the middle of my shed, please! A good pic here showing how this nest would have looked when finished and more info on nesting wasps here. Thanks to Brian of Parish Wildlife for sourcing the info from Nic.

The photo shows the wood-paper pulp that the nest is made of - there's a pinkish thread in there too.

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