Wednesday, 17 September 2008

indigo pigment settling

Not particularly beautiful jars but against the light the process can be seen of indigo pigment settling out from woad-steeped liquid. The centre top of the liquid clears to amber, while the glass edges seemingly attract pigment or somehow otherwise slow it sinking (greener colour). Temperature difference? Anyway, there's a nice pile of blue building up at the bottom - I was so excited when I saw how much!

I haven't yet finished the woad processing - I will post again when it's all finished.


About Bobbi C. said...

Hi Robin,I was excited to see your little woad vat, and will visit your blog again to see the results. I've done regular indigo dyeing, but have never used woad.

I LOVE the idea that you are exploring sustainable art. It's something that's really concerned me for quite some time now. Currently I use acrylic paints which are totally plastic, of course. I'm trying to switch to watercolors, but have no idea if they are really that much more eco-friendly or not...depends on where the pigments come from, I guess.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on your website and blog. Blessings on your journey!

bobbi c.
Texas, USA

Robin Paris said...

Hi Bobbi and thanks! The vat proper is still to come, at this stage I'm just separating out the indigo. I did wonder during the settling process what the benefit might be over taking it straight to a vat for dyeing... other than saving it for later use. I think it's more to see exactly how much pigment I do get and from there being able to measure everything else rather than hazard a guess.

Have you thought about using earth pigments - making your own? Some artists are painting with these, and they are traditional paints the world over! Though the bright colours of acrylic are hard to match.