Wednesday, 31 December 2008


alternative to Procion (eg Remazol)

woad growing
indigo dyeing
carbon etc measuring

meaning... don't abandon everything from before. Some things must be retained or resurrected or re-energised. And I know what!
also meaning... lessen belongings. And I know what that means too!

move forward:
BWRT project
house on market


Helen said...

Hi Robin. I like your new resolutions :) not that I made any as I always either break them or forget them!
I read your stuff on woad and I had a couple of thoughts. Woad is notoriously greedy. Elizabethan farmers went bankrupt because they did not realise this and after three or four harvests the woad failed I seem to remember. Also try Chinese Woad the yield is higher. We dug (or rather Enys did ) in a lot of organic Chicken manure last year and I although I have not been as meticulous as you in working out the details of the colour I got was good. However I am much more haphazard than you and i did not keep any records of how I dyed. Maybe that ought to be my new year resolution!
I am gad you got your Textiles Now - I was so pleased to be able to see your fabulous batiks in them

Robin Paris said...

Thanks for the suggestions Helen, I too think that fertiliser made a difference as I'd put coffee dregs on mine, plus grew them in partial compost.