Wednesday, 25 February 2009

... and through the square window

View through studio window - snowGazing out of my studio window is one of the pleasures of this workspace. For many years I've marvelled at how the seasons affect this same view - the changes in colour and atmosphere. My future studio space may not have such a luxury unfortunately... there might be no view of nature at all, what a depressing thought. The snow here was from earlier in February.

View through studio window - snow

View through studio window - snowing


Stephie said...

Please don't move your studio to somewhere without a view! If the thought of it is depressing, imagine how depressing it would be to actually have to work in such a it possible it might even deter you from working at all? Make a list of your 'cannot live without' requirements and don't compromise on those! Gosh, I'm full of advice and instructions today aren't I?! Your view looks like a fairytale land covered in the snow.

Right, I'll shut up now.

Robin Paris said...

I agree the thought of a room without a view is depressing but thinking about it I have had them in the past. Once you're stuck in work it doesn't matter... but when you break from it, then 'the view' is something really appreciated.

As my chances are low of moving somewhere with a perfect workshop that also has a wonderful view, I am going to make the most of what I do have here!